Live Case Study: Travel affiliate site from scratch

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Inspired by Andrej Illisin, I’ve decided to do a case study by myself as well – on travel affiliate.

It’s time to show the power of affiliate marketing.

I’ve recently bought a completely new domain and pre-build site on If you don’t know, it’s one of the market places where you can buy domain names, new websites, established business, Amazon FBAs or Apps.

I have to admit that I don’t use Flippa for a long time and this was my first buy there.

I have found a domain name which has a prebuild travel affiliate site. The auction was ending soon and it was worth a shot.

I used to run a few travel sites 10 years ago so it wasn’t anything new to me and I was thinking to get back to it.

So as you can imagine, my thought was that this could be a win-win. The site was built and sold by a guy called Mark (his profile here) and he was super helpful during the transfer process as well as offering additional help for free.

Thanks, Mark, it was a pleasure to do business with you.

The domain is completely new and the travel affiliate programme runs on I’ll make sure to review them fully once the visitors are reaching my site and revenue start to come in.

The goal of the travel affiliate case study

My goal is to monetize the site via the following:

I’m mainly targeting the US market with the Russian market to follow.

My initial testing budget is 500 EUR/550 USD. I did create my first ads on Facebook already to gain some fans as well as to attract some visitors to the site.

What you can expect

As this is a live case study, you can expect regular (monthly) updates on what I’ve done as well as how is it going in general.

  • I’m planning full transparency as well as to share some of the techniques used.
  • I will also share the plans for next month(s).
  • And I will also share all the reports.

If you want to know all the updates, get reports and see all techniques used, make sure you sign up to the newsletter so you are the first one to get the updates.

Revenue plans, as well as an exit strategy, is about to come next month.

Stay tuned!

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Petr Royce


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