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Affiliate marketing sounds like a lot of hard work. Quite a few people want to try it, but don’t go through with it because of the risk. Luckily, there are plenty of spectacular books on the topic. We will provide you with a list of the top three books on affiliate marketing in 2019. Each of these books will provide you with a rich, detailed look into the world of affiliate marketing, dropshipping, and passive income.

Without further ado, let’s get into the list.


The Top 3 Affiliate Marketing Books


1.   From Nothing by Ian Pribyl

From Nothing is a 308-page Amazon Kindle book on affiliate marketing. In this piece, Pribyl focuses on earning a living through internet marketing, e-commerce, blogging, and other types of online businesses. The phrase ‘from nothing’ is there for a reason — Pribyl’s goal is to teach readers to profit from affiliate marketing with a budget of less than $100.

The book was released in February of this year. It didn’t take long for it to earn the title ‘#1 New Release’ on Amazon. Furthermore, the book costs less than most titles that cover the same topic. Was it just the low price that made From Nothing popular?

A Deeper Look Into the Book

When writing From Nothing, Pribyl wanted a book that would genuinely help people start their own internet businesses. There were plenty of books on the topic out there already, but none of them quite ‘did the trick’ for Pribyl. He needed to write a step-by-step guide that was easy to understand and effective from start to finish.

Pribyl starts by covering some basic economics. He discusses what type of mindset a marketer ought to have, the metrics they need, and how to approach it all. Interestingly, he doesn’t bog the reader down in economics jargon. Pribyl’s language is short, concise, and to the point.

His later chapters cover the tools that we might need for affiliate marketing. He lists the best way to build a website, complete with domain names, and design choices. The best part of it all? Every step contains pictures and screenshots that show the reader everything Pribyl writes about. Aside from websites, the author also covers blogs, free keyword tools, Yoast plug-ins, and other doodahs that can help an internet marketer.

Overall, the book is an excellent read for both newcomers and veteran businesspeople. The chapters flow well without feeling boring or tedious. In addition, you’ll learn a lot about actually starting a successful business with next to no money in your pocket. The only real downside is that the book isn’t available in print. People who are interested in From Nothing can only read it on Kindle at the moment. But at such a low price, buying From Nothing is probably one of the best business investments for anyone.

About the Author

Ian Pribyl is a marketer from Austin, Texas. He got into internet marketing when he was 16 years old. A decade and a half later, he was one of the most successful internet business builders. Using his rich experience, he has been helping online marketers for years. His website, Free Internet Marketing Project or FIMP, helps newcomers with useful tutorials and videos on how to start and maintain an internet business.

One of his stated missions is to uncover internet scams in affiliate marketing. A large section of FIMP is dedicated to that particular goal. New business owners can learn how to avoid potential scams and keep their businesses safe.

Pribyl’s From Nothing was the next logical step in helping marketers succeed in the world of internet business. Ian’s own wife, Regina, was the editor of From Nothing so, in a way, the book was a labour of love.


2.   Affiliate Marketing 2019: The $10,000/month Foolproof Method by Ronald Roberts

If there is one person who knows a lot about affiliate marketing, dropshipping, and similar topics, it’s Ronald Roberts. He has written several books on the subject, most of them dealing with contemporary internet marketing strategies. His latest book to hit Amazon is Affiliate Marketing 2019: The $10,000/month Foolproof Method. It’s a book of modest size, with 178 pages and a well-known Roberts’ cover design. You can get both the paperback edition and the audiobook on Amazon for a reasonable price.

But the size and the design of the cover don’t tell us a whole lot about the book itself. Is it worth reading and can new internet marketers rely on its wisdom? Is Roberts really an authority when it comes to affiliate marketing in 2019? Let’s find out.

A Deeper Look Into the Book

Affiliate Marketing 2019 has a simple yet effective structure. Each chapter is divided into relevant topics that take up one or two pages. That makes it an extremely easy read for everyone. But Roberts doesn’t talk down to his readers. He provides excellent explanations on the topics of internet marketing.

The first chapter deals with affiliate marketing in general, where Roberts describes all of its elements. In the following two chapters, he writes about affiliate networks and the best way to use them. The next four chapters cover the best strategies to expand a business online, from choosing the best networks to building an e-mail list. Most of the remaining chapters go through odds and ends of modern markets. Roberts covers the most popular niches, the common mistakes business people make today, and the general pros and cons of affiliate marketing. The final, thirteenth chapter covers all of the programs we should be using to build our business up.

Overall, the book is spectacular. Roberts has clearly written a lot on the subject before. More importantly, he has been keeping up with the growth of internet marketing for years, and his published works prove that. Each chapter contains a lot of useful info on modern marketing tactics. In addition, he references dozens of other authors who have covered affiliate marketing in depth. In other words, he knows affiliate marketing inside and out. And after reading this book, so will you.

About the Author

Ronald Roberts is a retired internet marketer. So far, he has written 12 books about internet marketing strategies. His interests include affiliate marketing, dropshipping, social media marketing, blogging for profits, and passive income ideas. People have used his books as references to start successful Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon-based marketing businesses. He currently lives in Illinois.


3.   Affiliate Marketing: Secrets by Chandler Wright

The final title on this list, Affiliate Marketing: Secrets is a short, 132-page book that came out on May 20, 2019. It was published independently by Chandler Wright as his third book on internet businesses.

Chandler Wright might be a lesser-known name in the world of affiliate marketing. However, going through this book, we can see that the man knows his way around the subject. When the book came out, it received glowing early reviews from the readers. More than a few mentioned how Affiliate Marketing: Secrets helped them start their own business online.

So what does Wright’s book contain? How exactly does the author approach internet marketing?

A Deeper Look Into the Book

Affiliate Marketing: Secrets is divided into 9 chapters. The first three deal with affiliate marketing in general. Wright teaches the readers what it is and what its main benefits are. In addition, he talks about the most common types of affiliate marketing channels. Chapters 4 through 7 cover the basic steps of getting into affiliate marketing. Here, the author focuses on how we should get started. He also lists important tips for growing an online business. Then we get to chapter 8, where Wright discusses the most popular affiliate marketing trends today. Finally, we end with chapter 9, where the readers get a list of useful tools to help boost affiliate marketing.

Throughout the book, Wright ‘talks’ to the reader using ‘we’ instead of ‘I.’ That gives him an air of professionalism, but the reader can still relate to his words. Wright has a vast knowledge of affiliate marketing, and he brings his A-game to Affiliate Marketing: Secrets. Every piece of information is just the right size —  brief and to-the-point. Wright doesn’t waste any time or space with any of his works, and this book is no exception.

Each chapter is short, with the longest ones going a little over 20 pages. Most books on affiliate marketing can go way over 400 pages. That can be intimidating to beginners, which is why Wright’s book is perfect for them. Readers can get the most important information in bite-size paragraphs that don’t dance around the subject. In fact, most of these chapters read like step-by-step instructions to successful internet business building. That alone makes Wright an amazing writer and this book a must-have.

About the Author

Chandler Wright has been interested in affiliate marketing for years. He has already written two books on the subject. They are Passive Income: Ideas and Social Media Marketing 2019. With his prominence and experience, Wright will soon become one of the biggest names in affiliate marketing.


Conclusion: Affiliate Marketing Made Easy

All three authors — Pribyl, Roberts, and Wright — have one thing in common. Namely, when it comes to internet marketing, they all started small. Through trial and error, they learned the best way to do affiliate marketing in 2019. And now, they want to share that knowledge with people like you. So don’t wait. If you’re interested in affiliate marketing and online business, give these books a read. They will tell you everything you need to know about becoming wealthy from the comfort of your own computer chair.

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