Is WordPress Good For Affiliate Marketing?

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The question many affiliate marketers ask before creating their website: Is WordPress good for affiliate marketing?

First of all, we have to differentiate between and is a hosting service, and is a CMS (Content Management System). is not suitable for affiliate marketing. It’s not even allowed to run affiliate websites on You can try it, but there is a high chance that your site will be shut down sooner or later.

There is also plenty of limitations on what you can do and which plugins can you install.

For example, Yoast SEO plugin can only be used if you upgrade to a business plan for 25$ a month. That’s not worth it.

To compare with other hosting providers, NameCheap biggest plan for WordPress hosting costs approx. 12% a month and is ready for 500,000 visitors a month. If you have 500,000 visitors a month, you will already be making nice income through affiliate marketing.

However, WordPress as an open-source CMS is a different story.

Since WordPress was created in 2003, it has dominated the CMS world and is currently the #1 CMS used.

WordPress provides an easy way to create and manage websites, blogs or e-shops to market product and services.

It’s entirely free and open-source with a market share of over 34% of all websites and 60% of all CMS’.

There are over 172,000,000 active websites. So that means approximately 75,000,000 use WordPress. That’s pretty impressive.

The advantage is also plenty of free and paid themes as well as plugins for digital marketing as well as affiliate marketing management.

So, to answer the question “Is WordPress good for affiliate marketing?” – yes, it’s fantastic. When done in the right way.

WordPress For Affiliate Marketing

So where do you start? I’ll split it in a step-by-step guide that will help you to set up all for successful affiliate marketing.


First of all, you need hosting if you don’t have it already. I recommend the ones that focus on WordPress.

To make your start easier, here are some tips for reputable WordPress hosting providers.

All of the above hosting providers have a one-click WordPress installation so you have it all up and running in less than 5 minutes.

If you have an SSL certificate (strongly recommended), I recommend Really Simple SSL plugin. It turns the entire site to run over SSL with just one click and it’s free. Here is a video tutorial.


Once you have that, it’s time to choose the best theme. I use ThemeForest or EnvatoElements markets. ThemeForest offers almost 12 000 themes you can choose from and EnvatoElements nearly 900. The difference is in cost.

On ThemeForest, you pay for a theme while EnvatoElements works on a subscription model.

If you are looking for the best themes for affiliate marketing, check out my article about 30+ Best WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing.


I’ve already mentioned Really Simple SSL. That one is key to have up and running if you have an SSL certificate. Here are some other plugins I recommend.

Affiliate Links Management

Do not put affiliate links directly to the site. Google will see that and it may harm your SEO effort. Instead, use a links management solution.

The other reason for affiliates links management solution is that you can change a link in one place and it changes across your entire site. Rather than going through your posts manually.

  • ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate Links Manager – The best one I worked with. The free version provides plenty of options and will most likely be good enough for you. The advantages of a Pro version are, for example, links based on Geolocation or Automatic Keyword linking or Amazon API importing.

Speed Optimisation Plugins

Having a fast website is key. You don’t want your site to be loading slow and have low conversion rates.

  • Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Booster – This plugin helps you to remove all things that are not needed. But not only that, it helps you to minify and combine the CSS and JavaScript. There is plenty of plugins like that. However, this was didn’t break any of my templates, so I highly recommend it.
  • WP Super Cache – WP Super Cache helps you to generate static files. Why is that great? Because your website will be loading much faster.

You can read about the results I’ve been able to achieve with them in conversion rate optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is a process to increase the number of visitors to your website. Getting your website to rank on keywords related to what you promote can skyrocket your passive income. However, don’t expect quick wins from SEO.

The optimisation takes a while, usually a couple of months, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t focus on it from a very beginning.

  • Yoast – Probably the best SEO plugin. Offers both free and premium version. It helps you to review your readability score and your SEO score. It also provides tons of suggestions for improvements.
  • WordLift – WordLife is soft of a newbie. WordLift analyzes your content with the help of A.I and then puts your content in structured data.

Once you have all the above set, plugins installed, all links added and products loaded, you are ready to rock and roll.

I hope you see that WordPress is definitely good for affiliate marketing.

I also hope that you’ve enjoyed the article and feel free to leave a comment.


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